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Protect Yourself Against Unexpected Auto Repair Bills with a Vehicle Service Contract.

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Purchasing a Toco vehicle service contract is the simple, affordable way to make sure you're protected when covered breakdowns happen.
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What is a vehicle service contract?

A vehicle service contract (VSC) is sometimes mistakenly referred to as an "extended warranty" or "extended car warranty." While a VSC is a promise to pay for certain repairs or services on your vehicle, it's not a warranty and doesn't extend the coverage of your original manufacturer's warranty. Toco is a marketer of VSCs and does not sell warranties.

Are all repairs covered with a vehicle service contract?

No. To find out what your contract covers and what it doesn't, review the Schedule of Coverages section and the Exclusions section of your contract. If you have any questions about what's covered, call us at 1-855-298-8626, and a Customer Care Specialist will be happy to help answer your questions.

Extended Car Warranty or Vehicle Service Contract?

After your original manufacturer's warranty runs out, you may want to help protect yourself from the cost of an unexpected vehicle breakdown by buying additional coverage.

Products offered to supplement your manufacturer's warranty are sometimes mistakenly referred to as extended car warranties. This type of coverage doesn't technically extend the coverage of your manufacturer's warranty, however – it's actually a new contract between the contract provider and the consumer. As such, a more accurate label is vehicle service contract.

This type of coverage may differ from a manufacturer's warranty in the repairs that it covers and in coverage limits. Vehicle service contracts also often include additional services like roadside assistance.

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