No one should be grounded by auto repair bills they can't afford. That's why we take the Toco approach that puts the customer first.

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Our Story

In the past, buying a vehicle service contract meant paying up front for years of coverage or making a large down payment. Toco decided that it didn't have to be that way.

What if auto repair protection could be an easy, affordable monthly expense, much like a utility bill? What if, by paying a small amount each month, you could keep your vehicle protected?

Toco was created to bring that idea to life.

Because Toco and its affiliated companies handle all sales, finance, administration and the insurance backing the plans, we're able to offer you the maximum amount of coverage based on your car's mileage and age, while still keeping fees affordable. And because we believe in educating our customers, we make it easy to understand what your plan covers so there's no surprises down the road.

Located in sunny California, we're passionate about serving our customers. Just like the Toco toucan, our team is a spirited, fun and creative bunch of people dedicated to providing helpful, friendly customer service.

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Looking to be part of a company that's shifting the way we protect our cars?

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