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Today’s cars may be lasting longer but the cost to keep them on the road often outstrips people’s ability to pay for them. That’s why more people are turning to vehicle breakdown coverage that helps protect against having to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for inevitable car repairs. Unfortunately, the same people who struggle to pay $2,000 for a transmission repair often can’t afford the cost of a $4,000 3-year vehicle protection plan—one that often needs to be paid off within a year.

Toco Warranty decided there was a better way. We changed the industry by being the first to offer a true month-to-month subscription plan, which dramatically reduces the monthly cost to consumers and allows them to account for the expense like the other utility bills in their life.

But we also addressed another major frustration experienced by consumers: an industry-wide lack of customer service. Toco worked hard to implement strong systems and processes that quickly process claims and respond to customer needs. We also created an internal culture of caring that listens to customers and can problem-solve creatively. Today, our award-winning service, unmatched protection, and dedication to helping customers have earned us the highest ratings in our industry.


As Toco’s popularity grew, so did our desire to make our service accessible to more people. We developed Toco At Work, allowing companies to offer their employees vehicle breakdown coverage alongside traditional benefits like medical and dental coverage—an attractive new recruiting benefit in the competitive hiring market. With Toco At Work, companies are assured their employees can get to work, and employees have peace of mind that inevitable car problems won’t cause a financial or logistical crisis.

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of Indianapolis, IN

Very good service. Taking time to listen to my problem and quickly helping me get my vehicle back. The car repair shop was well please. The deductible was reasonable. I really dislike when my vehicle is down. So happy to have it back running again.


of Waterbury, CT

Toco is a great company, my friend had a lot of work done to his car. And they covered all his problems he had, my wife also had work done and it was also covered. If you’re looking for a good warranty company, we recommend Toco.


of Idabel, OK

Filled out the form on the internet, Sergio called and was very professional and answered all questions. The customer experience/service was “excellent”. I don’t enjoy pressure and he did not pressure me to make a choice. Sergio explained the coverage and the exclusions. He also sent me emails with information