Driving Down Memory Lane on Father's Day

A Father driving his family around with a smile in his car.

It seems like, for as long as there have been cars on the road, there have been dads taking care of them.

Father’s Day is June 21st, and chances are many of you have fond memories – not to mention a few funny stories – about dads and their cars. Whether you are laughing about a family road trip, or recalling sage advice about how to drive, often times your dad or a father figure played a role.

From Saturdays spent polishing the car in the driveway, to evenings spent tinkering in the garage, there is no doubt many dads are fond of their cars and have shared their interest and knowledge with their children.

In fact, Toco’s National Car Maintenance Index found men, as a group, scored better than women on performing routine car maintenance, and drivers (both male and female) with children under 18 scored better than those with no children living at home. Perhaps it’s no surprise that drivers with kids at home who drive scored even higher. After all, routine maintenance can help keep your car running well and help avoid breakdowns and other safety issues. 

We wish all dads a very Happy Father’s Day and hope this post sparked a trip down memory lane. Enjoy the ride!