Best Road Trip Apps to Make Your Trip Memorable

Toco Joe from Toco Warranty using the best road trip apps on his phone

Download these top road trip apps to make your next adventure the most memorable one yet.


Technology has a lot to offer the modern traveler. There are so many ways that smartphone apps can help make your journey safer, more enjoyable and unforgettable. So what should you download on your mobile device as you head out on your next epic road trip?

While it all depends on your personal preferences, we've put together a list of some of the most useful travel apps for your road trip ahead.

Know How to Get There - GPS & Trip Planner Apps

Some of the most popular road trip apps are essentially GPS services, with the hottest one being the Waze® app. Everyone’s talking about this service, which is really disrupting digital map technology. The next-generation Waze system works on real-time, crowd-sourced traffic information.

Waze does a lot more than your standard GPS. It notes roadwork, accidents, weather conditions and everything else to accurately determine how long a particular route will take. We've been waiting for this new type of “super GPS” for a long time, and this innovative app is a must-have for your trip.

Know What’s Around You - Food, Gas & Lodging Apps

There are also a number of great apps that help you to be more discriminating when choosing where to stop as you barrel down the highway.

  • GasBuddy® App: lets you take a look at competitive gas prices before filling up your tank.
  • OpenTable® App: a popular restaurant finder app that will help you look at menus and prices for your next meal.
  • HotelTonight® App: helps you select the right accommodation.
  • Oh Ranger!® App: will help you with national or state park bookings.

All of these apps have a similar goal to give you more choices and make hunting for those necessities much more efficient than they were in the pre-smartphone age. You won’t have to put up with scratchy towels, unpalatable food, gross kitchens or anything else that used to plague those who went off-course without a guide.

Keep Yourself Occupied - Entertainment & Music Apps

Other apps are made to keep you occupied while you're winding your way across the country. One popular app is the Audible® app, a service that has 150,000 audiobooks for iPhone and Android. Then there are music apps like the Spotify® app, which can be a lifesaver on a long road trip when spending time in the car is really painful without your favorite music.

Checking In & Staying Connected

The Glympse® app is a tool for status updates to help you show other users how close you are getting to your destination. It's partially billed as a tool to help get parental permission for an adventure. But there are a wide range of situations where Glympse and other apps can be helpful in keeping communication between various parties on the road and elsewhere. Some people just like to advertise to their friend networks, where apps like the Foursquare® app can also be helpful.

See the Sights - Road Trip Attractions Apps

A road trip just isn't the same without being able to stop and take a look at those places that make local communities unique and unexpected. From important natural and civic landmarks to eccentric museums and odd, out-of-the-way places, these quirky attractions are a great way to break up the monotony of particularly long stretches of asphalt.

Road Trippers and Roadside America are two popular apps for finding attractions along the way. Use the Road Trippers® app to keep track of destinations and blog about your happenings. Go to some interesting places with the Roadside AmericaTM app, which is billed as a “guide to uniquely odd tourist attractions.” Just enter a state or local area, and you’ll get a list and map of quirky landmarks and statues, mom-and-pop museums and fun tourist traps - the hidden gems in the region.

SOS for Breakdowns

Just like you can use the above apps to source all kinds of things from restaurants to hotels, the OpenBayTM app allows you to look for mechanic shops in a particular area. That makes any kind of breakdown a lot less scary.

You may be able to change a flat, but when your starter or the alternator goes out, or you have battery trouble, or something just broke underneath the chassis, you're going to be glad you have this app at your fingertips. It’s especially helpful for those travelers who don’t have a lot of experience with cars or who might be afraid of ending up in a tricky situation in some shade-tree mechanic’s backyard.

Charge On!

With all of the capabilities of these apps, it just makes sense to make your smartphone your planning command center on your next road trip. Make sure to remember your phone charger or be stuck doing things the old-fashioned way.


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