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Welcome to the Toco press room. The source for the most up-to-date information and press releases from Toco.

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Nota Berger

CEO at Toco Warranty

Nota Berger is the CEO of Toco Warranty. With nearly two decades of experience in the vehicle service contract industry, Nota brought his vision for a new type of VSC to the world in 2012.

Toco Warranty was founded with the clear mission to make purchasing a VSC simple, honest, and affordable. The VSC, having been built and sold by dealerships as another revenue stream, was adopted as a new fad by 3rd party telemarketers, and sold in much the same way by charging large amounts of money for years of coverage in advance. Nota’s goal was to create an environment where people who love their jobs help make this needed and valuable product accessible to the people WHO ACTUALLY NEED IT. Toco’s pay-as-you-go model treats this like any other utility in your life you might pay for, and Toco’s earnest respect for their customer is embodied in the clear and transparent way they treat their customers.

Nota believes that through transparency, respect, and educating customers on the right time to purchase a vehicle service contract, perceptions of the VSC industry will change for the positive.

Brad Basmajian

COO at Toco Warranty

Brad Basmajian serves as COO of Toco Warranty. He oversees operational strategy and execution while stewarding the strategic and moral compass of all initiatives undertaken.

Brad has been with Toco Warranty from its inception, having worked along side Nota Berger for even longer. Their shared vision of the positive changes this product and industry need to undertake has ensured that Toco’s top priorities always remain focused through the lens of the consumer. He has been successful in helping to build a company that beams with pride both internally and externally by structuring a Sales and Care team that focuses on end-to-end user satisfaction for its customers and employees on top of a foundation of operational efficiency and transparency.

Brad has more than a decade of experience in the vehicle service contract and auto retail sector. This experience serves to inform and guide him to improve upon all areas that will yield a more positive experience for the end-user.

Paul McGee

VP of Customer and Employee Success

Paul McGee is the Vice President of Employee and Customer Success at Toco Warranty. Paul has an MBA and has been in the vehicle service contract space since 2007. Paul directly oversees Toco’s Customer Care team, digital media strategy, online brand management, and Employee Training & Development.

Paul has found that the best way to achieve results is through cultural influence. A poor employee experience breeds poor customer experiences, high customer churn and a damaged brand reputation. Paul is committed to training and developing high achieving employees and representing the voice of the customer at Toco, providing a friendly, simple, and easy experience from the initial point of sale through the lifetime of the customer.

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