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Press Room

Welcome to the Toco press room. The source for the most up-to-date information and press releases from Toco.

Press Releases

Executive Bios

Norman Rosenberg

President at Toco Warranty

Norman Rosenberg serves as president at Toco Warranty Corp., an AmTrust Company. Rosenberg oversees the strategic direction and leads the direct-to-consumer efforts for the Sherman Oaks-based company.

Prior to joining Toco in January 2015, Rosenberg served more than five years as the chief financial officer of KDDI Global, LLC, the U.S. subsidiary of KDDI Group, Japan’s second-largest telecommunications company. Before that, Rosenberg held many leadership roles at category-leading companies such as Marsh, Inc., a subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies and the world’s largest insurance broker; IDT Telecom, the primary operating subsidiary of IDT Corporation; and Standard & Poor’s Corporation.

Rosenberg holds a Master of Science degree in business from Johns Hopkins University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Nota Berger

Vice President at Toco Warranty

Nota Berger is the vice president of Toco Warranty Corp. With more than 15 years of experience in the vehicle service contract industry, Nota brought his vision for a new type of VSC company to AmTrust in 2012.

Toco Warranty was founded to eliminate the need to outsource services such as insurance, administration, financing, claims, customer care and sales, which are all managed in-house. Nota's vision for Toco Warranty is to disrupt the norm in the VSC industry by eradicating large down payments and leveraging a simpler, more customer-centric pay-as-you-go model for as long as the owner keeps their vehicle.

Nota believes that through transparency, respect and educating customers on the right time to purchase a vehicle service contract, perceptions of the VSC industry will change for the positive among the public.

Eli Toron

Vice President of Media Acquisitions

Eli Toron serves as the vice president of Media Acquisition at AmTrust North America. Toron joined the team in 2013 and is responsible for direct-to-consumer customer acquisition through developing multichannel initiatives, including affiliate marketing, TV commercials, radio, print and digital online channels, as well as business development.

Toron has more than eight years of experience in the vehicle service contract industry, where he has held many senior-level roles managing lead generation, marketing initiatives and partnerships.

Toron received his BFA in film/animation from Pratt Institute.

George Laird

Director of Operational Strategy, Toco Warranty

George Laird is the director of Operational Strategy and Business Development at Toco Warranty Corp., an AmTrust Company.  Laird is responsible for objective analysis, operational insights and strategic initiatives across all of Toco.

Laird had more than eight years of experience in the vehicle service contract industry prior to joining Toco Warranty in 2012. As one of Toco’s longest-standing employees, Laird has held a progression of many roles as sales representative, manager, general manager and director of operations.

Laird is a Salesforce-certified administrator and developer.

Brad Basmajian

Director of Operations, Toco Warranty

Brad Basmajian serves as director of operations at Toco Warranty Corp., an AmTrust Company. He oversees operational strategy and execution, while stewarding sales and management marketing initiatives.

Basmajian worked as Toco’s National Sales manager, where he revamped the entire sales team to shift focus to development needs and end-to-end user satisfaction. Basmajian successfully built a new sales force that quickly surpassed the company’s fiscal goals.

Basmajian has more than nine years of experience in the vehicle service contract and auto retail sector.

Brandon Ficara

Sales Director at Toco Warranty

Brandon Ficara serves as the sales director at Toco Warranty Corp. with over 12 years of experience in the VSC Industry. Prior to this role, Brandon served as Talent Development Manager, where he developed the hiring and training strategies that focused on high-integrity career-minded professionals. This approach led to remarkable employee retention rates and consistent production. He has acted as a sales coach to the entire organization, continually improving upon Toco’s sales process.

Ficara created the Toco Ethos Council in 2015 and served as its chairperson for three terms. The Ethos Council consists of Toco employees from all departments and is designed to offer the best working experience possible. The council focuses on employee experience, success and leadership, and values and legacy. Since its formation, the Toco Ethos Council has engaged in community outreach, improved employee retention, and increased production, and has become the “special sauce” that makes Toco an amazing place to work.

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