• Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty Options

Mercedes-Benz Extended Warranty Options

Exploring Options Beyond the Manufacturer’s Extended Warranty


Car repairs don’t come cheap. That’s even more true of luxury makes like Mercedes-Benz, whose maintenance costs over a 10-year span can easily cross the $10,000 threshold. However, with extended warranty protection by your side, you can mitigate repair costs that would otherwise eat into your wallet with each unfortunate breakdown.

Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz owners have a couple of options to extend coverage once their factory warranties have expired. They can opt for the carmaker’s own branded extended warranty, which comes in an array of plan options, or they can opt for a coverage option referred to as a Vehicle Service Contract, which is independent from Mercedes-Benz and is offered instead by a third-party provider.

Here we’ll explore both options, starting with the Mercedes-Benz’ own extended limited warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty

Every new Mercedes-Benz is covered by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which covers defects in materials or workmanship for 48 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Mercedes-Benz offers optional coverage after the New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. This extended warranty is designed to pick up where the original warranty leaves off, and offers continued peace of mind with prolonged coverage tailored to Benz owners’ needs.

Plan length and features

Mercedes-Benz offers a wide range of limited extended warrantee plans, which kick in after the original 4 year/50,000 mile warrantee expires, and which can remain in effect for up to one to 3 years, and which can top out at either 75,000 to 100,000 miles. There’s no deductible on any of these extended warrantee plans, regardless of which term option you select.

Additional benefits include:

  • Contract transfer if you sell your car
  • Roadside assistance

Purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty

You can purchase a Mercedes-Benz extended warrantee at any time prior to the expiration of your original factory warranty.

In terms of payment options, you may either choose to:

  • Prepay the entire Mercedes-Benz extended warrantee upfront, or
  • Include the cost of your extended warrantee in your monthly financing payments. This option may incur interest or a payment markup.

Limitations of the Extended Warranty

When considering whether or not to go with a Mercedes-Benz extended warranty, make sure to factor in some of these plan limitations:

  • Restriction on parts: Repair parts must be original to your vehicle or certified by your Benz dealer.
  • Restriction on approved mechanics: Repair work must be done at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership or repair shop.
  • Interest on monthly payments: If you choose not to pay the total extended warrantyupfront, you’ll have to pay a markup on your monthly payments (similar to purchasing a phone from an ISP). This markup may end up costing you in the long run.

Third-party Vehicle Service Contracts

A dealer-issued plan isn't the only option for Benz owners looking to extend coverage. There's an alternative solution for vehicle breakdown protection, in the form of what's known as a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC).

A VSC is a policy from an independent, third-party provider to pay for covered repairs and breakdowns, including parts, labor, and taxes, when they affect your car.

How is a Vehicle Service Contract different from Mercedes-Benz own extended warranty?

While both a VSC and a Mercedes-Benz branded plan protect consumers against covered auto repair bills, they're still not identical in makeup. VSCs differ from Extended Car Warranty plans in the following ways:

  • VSCs are not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz. VSCs are offered by independent, third-party providers.
  • VSCs can be purchased at any time. This is in stark contrast to most manufacturer extended coverage plans, which may come ample eligibility restrictions.
  • VSCs offer greater contract flexibility. Whereas the Mercedes-Benz extended warranty may lock your contract in for a set time period or mileage number, VSCs like those offered by us at Toco Warranty are pay-as-you-go and can be canceled any time.
  • VSCs offer a much larger network of approved mechanics. For the Mercedes-Benz issued plan to apply, you may have to take your car to an authorized Benz dealership. With a VSC, on the other hand, you can visit any licensed repair shop nationwide and still be eligible for coverage.

Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

If you're in the market for extended auto breakdown coverage, going with a VSC like one offered by Toco can be a smart choice, with benefits like the following:

  • Affordability. Low monthly payments and $0 down.
  • Contract flexibility. Pay-as-you-go plans that can be canceled or transferred at any time.
  • Nationwide repair facilities. The ability to bring your car to any licensed repair shop nationwide.
  • Simple claims process. Entire claims process handled in-house, including administration and payment.

VSCs also often offer additional benefits outside of just helping pay for covered fixes and repairs to your Mercedes, including:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Discounts on rental cars
  • Discounts on hotel stays
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Simple Claims Process

24-hour roadside assistance

No Down Payment

Low monthly payments

Ability to choose from a broad national network of repair shops

Ability to cancel coverage at any time

At a glance: cost to fix a Mercedes-Benz E320 with and without a Vehicle Service Contract

Let's take a look at common Mercedes-Benz E320 repair costs with and without a Toco Warranty VSC:

Issue Type Uncovered Cost Toco VSC Cost
Fuel Pump $560 - $740 $100
Alternator $405 - $760 $100
Strut/Shock Absorber $545 - $875 $100
Radiator $590 - $990 $100
Brake Rotors/Discs $450 - $630 $100
Oxygen Sensor $500 - $765 $100
Ignition Coil $400 - $750 $100
Crankshaft Position Sensor $165 - $205 $100
Brake Pad $170 - $220 $100
Differential/Gear Oil $85 - $105 $100

It's a glaring difference, especially when you factor in that 10-year repair and maintenance costs for Benz vehicles can typically reach $12,000.

Consider a Vehicle Service Contract with Toco Warranty

If your factory warranty is about to expire or has already expired, now is the time to explore extended coverage options.

While the Mercedes-Benz in-house plan may offer a range of benefits, it limits consumers in terms of repair shop options and coverage for parts.

A Vehicle Service Contract offers the same range of coverage as any dealer-issued extended warranty, but with additional benefits, greater contract flexibility—like the ability to purchase and cancel at any time—and greater repair shop flexibility as well.

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