• Lexus Extended Warranty Options

Lexus Extended Warranty Options

Choosing the Right Type of Extended Coverage for Your Lexus

Lexus is one of the most recognizable car brands in the world, and for good reason: the vehicles they manufacture are consistently sleek, clean, and of high quality.

But high quality is a two-sided coin. First-rate cars can come with a slew of pricey fix and repair costs, and Lexus is no exception.

Let's dive a little deeper into some of those costs.

Common Lexus Fix and Repair Costs

The most frequently reported mechanical issues by Lexus owners include:

  • Brake actuator ($2,300 to $4,000 to replace)
  • AC compressor ($700 to $1,700 to replace)


And while in 2017, Lexus scored an overall 5/5 in Dependability from JD Power, that still doesn't mean the nameplate is immune to breakdowns. In fact, estimated repair and maintenance costs over a 10-year period for Lexus owners is $7,000.

A factory warranty, which offers breakdown coverage from the manufacturer of the vehicle you purchased, exists to combat some of these costs, but once it expires, you risk being left stranded on the open road without additional help to pay for future fixes and repairs. That's why it's important to think about getting additional coverage, which can pick up right where your factory warranty leaves off.

Lexus Dealer Extended Warranties

All Lexus dealers offer extended protection for both new and used vehicles. While coverage for parts will vary depending on which level of protection you buy, all Lexus extended protection plans offer potential reimbursements for mid-travel breakdown expenses, flexible coverage terms based on mileage/anticipated length of ownership, and round-the-clock roadside assistance.

Eligibility and Limitations

Eligibility to purchase a Lexus extended protection plans depends on whether your car is new, used, or pre-owned and certified (known "L/Certified by Lexus). The length of coverage varies, depending on the age of the vehicle.

Note that for Lexus's own coverage to apply, you must take your vehicle to a Lexus factory-trained technician who uses only Lexus-approved parts. While such a measure helps to ensure quality service, it vastly restricts your mechanic options.

Third-Party Lexus Vehicle Service Contracts

Lexus own carmaker-branded extended protection plans aren't the only option for Lexus owners looking to extend coverage after their factory warranties have expired. You can forego Lexus's own plan in favor of what is known as a third-party, independent Vehicle Service Contract.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract?

A vehicle service contract is a product offered to supplement your factory warranty. These products are sometimes mistakenly called extended car warranties. In reality, vehicle service contracts aren't actually extending anything; rather, they're providing new coverage from a new, third-party, independent provider. As such, a more accurate label for these products is Vehicle Service Contract (VSC).

In essence, a VSC is an agreement from the provider to pay for covered breakdowns and repairs if and when they happen to your vehicle. Coverage includes paying for some or all of the expenses related to parts, labor, and taxes that you may incur.

How is a Lexus Vehicle Service Contract different from a Vehicle Service Agreement?

Both a Lexus extended protection plan and third-party VSC continue to cover fixes and repairs after your factory warranty has expired. So what's the difference?

  1. VSCs can be purchased at any time. It doesn't matter if your Lexus is new or used, or if your factory warranty is current or has already expired-VSC coverage is available for purchase at any time.
  2. VSCs allow nationwide repair facilities. Lexus dealer extended warranties require all repairs to be performed only by Lexus factory-trained mechanics using only Lexus-approved parts. But some VSC providers, like Toco Warranty, extend their repair facility network nationwide, so you can always bring your Lexus to any licensed mechanic you trust.

Benefits of a lexus Vehicle Service Contract from Toco warranty

A third-party VSC provider (e.g. handles payments, administration, claim filing) like Toco Warranty is able to offer better, faster service, and allows for a range of benefits for the consumer, including:

  1. Affordability. All Toco VSC plans offer low monthly payments and $0 down.
  2. Contract flexibility. All Toco VSC plans are pay-as-you-go and can be canceled or transferred at any time.
  3. Nationwide repair facilities. Unlike a Lexus dealer extended warranty, which severely restricts your mechanic options, VSCs allow you to bring your car to any licensed repair shop nationwide.
  4. Simple claims process. At Toco Warranty we handle the entire claims process in-house, including administration and payment, so you don't have to get involved.
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Simple Claims Process

24-hour roadside assistance

No Down Payment

Low monthly payments

Ability to choose from a broad national network of repair shops

Ability to cancel coverage at any time

But Lexus VSCs are more than just an extended coverage solution. At Toco Warranty, for instance, we also offer:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Rental car benefit
  • Discounts on hotel stays

You can explore more benefits of having a Lexus Vehicle Service Contract here!

A Closer Look: Cost to Fix Lexus RX 350 With and Without Extended Coverage

Below is a table comparing repair costs on a standard Lexus RX 350 with and without a Toco Warranty VSC:

Issue Type Uncovered Cost Toco VSC Cost
Fuel pump $600 to $1,800 $100
AC compressor $1,220 to $1,700 $100
CV axle/shaft assembly $275 to $600 $100

Get Peace of Mind With a Toco Warranty Vehicle Service Contract

If your Lexus factory warranty is about to expire or has already expired, now is the time to explore extended coverage options.

While Lexus's own plans offer a range of benefits, they severely limit consumers in terms of purchase eligibility and repair shop options.

A Vehicle Service Contract offers the same range of coverage, but with additional benefits, greater contract flexibility (like the ability to purchase and cancel at any time) and greater repair shop flexibility as well. Toco Warranty's Lexus Vehicle Service Contracts may be a solid way to ensure peace of mind and protect your wallet against covered breakdowns and repairs. Read now for more information on quotes for your Lexus Vehicle Service Contract.

Lexus is not affiliated with Toco Warranty Corp. and has not endorsed Toco Warranty products and services.