How a VSC from Toco Warranty Can Help Manage Your Budget

A car mechanic walking through the repair bill for a customer at a vehicle repair shop.

If you are worried about unforeseen auto repairs, a vehicle service contract may offer a smart solution to protect your car and your finances.

Let’s face it – most of us love our cars. They provide freedom, a way to get to work or school, to visit loved ones, or to take a much needed vacation. But cars can also keep us up at night, worried that a check engine light will lead to a costly repair that derails our budgets and gets our daily routines off track.

What is a vehicle service contract (VSC)?

Generally speaking, a vehicle service contract (VSC) is a contract for repair or replacement for an operational or structural failure of a vehicle. VSCs can be used to protect not only the major components within your vehicle, like the engine and transmission, but also major parts within your air conditioning system, electrical system, and more. VSCs also may include roadside assistance, providing further peace of mind.

How can a VSC help me manage my budget and keep my car – and life – running well?

While the average family keeps their car for more than 10 years, the typical manufacturer’s warranty on a car lasts only three years. But when your warranty expires, you still need to rely on your car. For a low monthly payment, your VSC will pay for covered repairs* that inevitably come with owning a car, offering an affordable, reliable way to keep your car running well and your budget on track. Pricing for VSCs can vary based on the age, mileage, and/or model of the vehicle covered.

Your VSC will specify what repairs are and are not covered, whether a deductible is required, and other terms and conditions, so you can know what to expect, should your car break down. VSCs vary by provider, so you should ask questions to be sure the VSC you purchase covers what you need. For example, some VSCs have no down payment requirements or interest charges, so you can pay as you go and cancel at any time (though an administrative fee may apply).

Remember, your car may break down, but your life doesn’t have to. A vehicle service contract may provide you with the financial peace of mind you need to stay calm and drive on!

*Be sure to check terms and conditions for complete details.