Tips to Get the Best Price on a Vehicle at the Dealership

A smiling couple getting the keys to a new car at a dealership.

Find out how to tell whether you're getting the best deal on a new or used car.

Most Americans want to get the most from their dollar, especially when it comes to larger investments and purchases like a home or vehicle. Buying a car is not usually a matter taken lightly by many, but figuring out how to get the best deal or finding the right vehicle can be a challenge. For those who don’t plan on buying a house, a vehicle might be the most expensive purchase they ever make. There’s no clear cut way to tell whether a car price offers a good deal, but here are a few tips to figure out the car buying process:


There are certain times of the year when more Americans will be buying cars. Car prices may increase in response to higher demands during certain times of the year. There is some dispute over when the best time to buy a car is, but in general, purchasing during the late fall or winter might be a better bet to find a bargain.

Leave the emotion at the door

When walking into a dealership, it is important to forget feelings and start talking business. Buying a car is an expensive and serious business transaction. The car-buying experience can be an emotional experience, but it is crucial not to let your feelings get in the way of making a good investment decision. Don’t let the desire for a new vehicle or certain features cause you to overpay.

Be informed

The last method for getting the best deal is to walk into the dealership with a bit of knowledge on car prices and models. Doing research online will enable buyers to view the best price points and figure out which features they want. It is important to do some background work or else a buyer could be uninformed and get a not-so-great deal.