Common Repairs That Can Help Get Better Gas Mileage

Illustrated image of an odometer.

Learn about vehicle repairs that may help you save money at the gas pump.

As gas prices rise and fall, many drivers are hoping to make their fuel last longer to save money. Many drivers know they may cut covered repair costs in the long run by investing in a vehicle service contract, but few know which repairs can help save money at the pump.

Gas cap

If you've ever been driving down the highway and seen another vehicle with their gas cap hanging out, the driver is likely losing fuel at the same time. According to AutoZone’s website, a missing fuel cap allows gas to evaporate. A missing gas cap is also a common reason for a check engine light to activate. To improve your mileage, be sure to screw on your gas cap until you hear a few clicks.


There are several maintenance practices that, if forgotten, can cause your car to run less efficiently. Unfortunately, many drivers forget to keep up with routine maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations. While some may think they are saving money by delaying vehicle maintenance, there could be bigger costs later on and reduced fuel efficiency - which means filling up more often. To keep your car running at its best, be sure to keep up with maintenance when your vehicle needs it.

Engine tune-up

An engine that is properly tuned will likely run better for longer. This means your gas can go further and you can save money over the miles. According to an MSN Autos article, an engine that is well-maintained can improve gas efficiency by an average of 4 percent. Be sure to follow what your owner's manual recommends when it comes to oil and air filters.

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