Best Items to Bring on a Road Trip

Collage of different people in the car going on road trips with some of the best items to bring with.

Here are some of the best items to help you get where you’re going more enjoyably.

Road trips remain one of the most popular ways to vacation and see different destinations in the U.S. Whether with family or friends, you can make lasting memories with those you love by traveling in your vehicle. However, with so much travel time to get across the country by car, there are some essentials you need to bring with you. 


If sitting in the car seems boring, playing music can help pass the miles more comfortably. If there are small children in the car, consider bringing along sing-along soundtracks to keep the little ones entertained and get the whole family involved in something together. If you have the time, create a road trip playlist before you leave and jam along to some of your favorite tunes.


Depending on how many people and who you have in the car, picking out road trip music might be a source of trouble. With several people, there is bound to be some disagreement about what type of music to listen to. A good solution to this problem is to listen to audiobooks. Books on tape are also a great way to pass the time, as engaging stories can distract everyone from seemingly endless hours on the road.


While most cars and cellphones are now equipped with GPS capabilities, there is nothing wrong with using a good old-fashioned regular map to navigate to your destination. There is also a chance that your GPS could malfunction or run out of battery, leaving you out of luck unless you have a map. Be sure to pack one and plan out a route before hitting the road. You can also use the map to pick fun places to check out along the way. Making short stops at scenic overlooks, interesting sites or unique restaurants will help break up the trip and help expend any energy from being cooped up in the car for a long time.

Cooler and food

When traveling a long distance, there is no doubt you and everyone else will get hungry on the way. If you want to avoid stopping too frequently to pick up snacks and beverages, pack a cooler with some favorite snacks and water bottles. Not only will this minimize your traveling time, but it can also help you save money compared to eating out. Additionally, this will give you the option to choose healthier snacks and avoid eating fast food if you desire.


While not an essential, a camera will enable you to capture any great memories of your road trip. If you are planning on stopping at new places on the way to your destination, a camera with extra batteries is a better option than using your cellphone because you won’t have the same risk of having too little memory space or running out of battery to capture an image. Taking pictures along your route can also be a fun activity to do with everyone in the vehicle during driving breaks.