• Dodge Extended Warranty Options

Dodge Extended Warranty Options

Extended coverage options to consider for your Dodge vehicle

A 2016 study by Priceonomics found that out of over 30 popular car makes, Dodge ranked 10th in terms of most expensive car brands to maintain over a 10-year period, coming in at a whopping $10,600 for the span.

However, the fact of the matter is that owning a car isn't cheap, whether or not you made the Top 10 of a Priceonomics list. In addition to its actual purchase price, you have to worry about things like maintenance, gas, and costs borne from mechanical breakdowns and unexpected repairs.

Luckily, there are a couple of options for Dodge owners when it comes to getting extended coverage that will help them avoid paying hefty out-of-pocket fees for some of these expenses. Dodge offers its own product to consumers, but a Toco Warranty Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) offers comparable service and coverage with more flexibility, and a cheaper price to boot. Let’s explore these coverage options, starting with Dodge’s factory warranty plans.

Dodge Extended Warranty Coverage  

The company that owns Dodge, FCA, owns its own parts, service, and customer care organization that services vehicles in the Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep, Ram, Alfa Romeo, and SRT families.  Like most extended coverage plans offered by dealers and manufacturers, their “in-house” programs come with some limitations:

  • Dodge’s protection programs may run concurrently with your factory warranty: If you opt for an extended warranty of 8 years/125,000 miles at the time you purchase your Dodge, they won’t wait for your 3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty to expire before counting the Maximum Care plan; both start the moment you drive off the lot. So, while you're paying for 8 years/125,000 miles of protection, you're only getting 5 years/89,000 miles.
  • Limited parts coverage: To be eligible for coverage, repair parts may have to be original to your vehicle or certified by FCA.
  • Limited eligibility to purchase plans: Strict eligibility requirements may have to be met in order to purchase a Mopar Vehicle Protection plan.

Toco Warranty Vehicle Service Contracts Protect Your Dodge

If you're looking for an extended coverage plan on your Dodge that will help cover unexpected car repairs but won’t break the bank a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is a great alternative.

A Toco Warranty VSC is a policy that is designed to pay for covered auto-repairs and breakdowns—this includes parts, labor, and taxes—if and when they happen to your vehicle. Toco offers an easy and affordable month-to-month payment plan and nationwide flexibility to go to the mechanic or dealership of your choice.

How is a Toco Vehicle Service Contract different from Mopar Vehicle Protection?

Both a VSC and dealer-issued plans pay for covered breakdowns against your vehicle, but that doesn't mean the two coverage options are totally identical. A VSC differs from a dealer’s branded warranty in the following ways:

  • VSCs are not affiliated with FCA or Dodge. VSCs are offered by independent, third-party providers. This means you won’t face the same ownership restrictions you would with many dealer plans. With a VSC you aren’t required to be the first owner of your vehicle.
  • VSCs can be purchased at any time. This is in stark contrast to most manufacturer extended coverage plans, which come with some significant eligibility restrictions. Some VSC providers like Toco Warranty will even allow you to get a quote and buy your Dodge VSC policy online in minutes.
  • VSCs offer greater contract flexibility. Whereas a carmaker’s warrantee may lock you in for a set time period or mileage number, VSCs like those offered by Toco Warranty are pay-as-you-go and can be canceled any time*. You won’t be locked into a contract with Toco Warranty, the pay-as-you-go option offers the convenience and flexibility that Dodge drivers are accustomed to.

*Cancellation fee may apply

  • VSCs offer a much larger network of approved mechanics. For a dealer-issued warranty to apply, you must take your car to an authorized Dodge or FCA-approved dealership. With a VSC, however, you can visit any licensed repair shop nationwide and still be eligible for coverage.

Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

If you're in the market for extended auto warranty coverage, going with a VSC like one offered by Toco Warranty can be a smart alternative, with benefits like the following:

  • Affordability. Low monthly payments and $0 down.
  • Contract flexibility. Pay-as-you-go plans that can be canceled or transferred at any time.
  • Nationwide repair facilities. The ability to bring your car to any licensed repair shop nationwide.
  • Simple claims process. The entire claims process handled in-house, including administration and payment.

VSCs also often offer additional benefits outside of just helping pay for covered fixes and repairs to your Dodge, including:

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Simple Claims Process

24-hour roadside assistance

No Down Payment

Low monthly payments

Ability to choose from a broad national network of repair shops

Ability to cancel coverage at any time

At a glance: Repair costs with and without a Vehicle Service Contract

Let's take a look at common Challenger repair costs with and without a Toco VSC:

Issue Type Uncovered Cost Toco VSC Cost*
Fuel Pump $500 - $630 $100
Alternator $360 - $480 $100
Brake Caliper $235 - $245 $100
CV Axle/Shaft Assembly $190- $290 $100
Car Door Lock Actuator $125- $135 $100







*Covered with APPROVED repairs

Now that's a big difference! While perhaps one or two repairs may not add up to a lot, consider that most people buy and own a car for the long haul—which means collective repair and fix costs are almost certain to climb into high four digits.

That is unless you protect yourself and your Dodge with a Toco VSC.

Consider a Vehicle Service Contract for your Dodge Vehicle

If your Dodge factory warranty is about to expire or has already expired, now is the time to explore extended coverage options.

While dealer-issued plans may offer a range of benefits, they may restrict consumers when it comes to term limits, repair shop options, and coverage for parts.

A Vehicle Service Contract offers the same range of coverage as Mopar Vehicle Protection, but with additional benefits, greater contract flexibility—like the ability to purchase and cancel at any time—and greater repair shop flexibility as well.